Obtaining Credentials from ADP for Rhabit ADP Integration

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Rhabit can integrate with ADP to allow you to easily import your employees into the Rhabit platform. This integration utilizes your company’s employee information in the ADP database to populate your Rhabit account with users. 


This integration works as a one-way data stream between your ADP account and Rhabit. Your ADP integration should allow you to import users and teams into the Rhabit platform. 

Obtaining ADP credentials

The first step is to obtain your ADP credentials from your employee contact at ADP. They should be able to provide you with a client_secret and client_id. The next step is to generate a CSR, or certificate signing request for accessing ADP’s database. Detailed instructions on this process can be found at: https://developers.adp.com/articles/general/generate-a-certificate-signing-request

Once these items are completed we can inspect your ADP JSON response object to ensure the necessary fields are present to generate the information needed for Integration with Rhabit. 

Setting up the ADP Importer

Once you have received your client_id, client_secret, and signed CSR credentials back from ADP you should be ready to use the Rhabit ADP importer!

The information you will need is as follows:



-job exclusion codes (the codes for employees you wish to exclude from using Rhabit)

-companyname_auth.pem (file)

-companyname_auth.key (file)

In your Administrator panel, under “Integrations”, you should see the option for “ADP”.

In that window, enter your client_id, client_secret, exclusion job codes (these can either be entered as a space, or comma-separated list of codes, or pasted directly into the field from an excel file, excluding the column header name, if there is one). You can enable the option to import teams and do ‘Nightly Sync’. This will enable Rhabit to activate and deactivate users based on their ADP employment status. Teams are generated based on a user’s manager and will be created if the employee’s manager is also present in ADP. Team names will default to the manager’s name, followed by the word “Team”. When “Save ADP Details” is clicked, a test response is sent to ADP. If this response is successful, your ADP setup will be complete. If you receive an error from this process, ensure you have entered the correct credentials. If problems persist, contact us for help.  See the image below for an example of entering your information into the ADP Importer:

Using the ADP importer

Once your credentials have been verified and saved following the test request to ADP, you should see the following screen in your integrations tab:

From here you can edit your ADP account details (this will require you to re-enter all ADP information and upload files to re-ensure a successful response from ADP). You can also enable and disable nightly sync and manually trigger the importing of employees from ADP.