Managing your habits

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Managing your habits

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Check out the short explainer video below to learn how to use Rhabit’s habit picker.

Have you ever wanted to change the habits you are getting feedback on in Rhabit? Well, now you can. Rhabit’s habit picker is here to guide you to picking the most relevant and meaningful habits to get feedback on.

You’ll start by going to Manage Habits and Feedback from your dashboard.

Upon clicking that, you’ll have the option to choose Manage My Habits or Manage My Feedback Circle.

Manage My Feedback Circle will take you to where you can create or make changes to your feedback circle. Familiarize yourself with that process in the Setting Up Your Feedback Providers section of the Knowledge Base.

To make your way to the Habit Picker, select Manage My Habits. Here, you will find four Habit categories. Each category shares a general description of the habits. By clicking on the category, you’ll have access to all the habits included in it. Consider having a mix of different categories to balance out your development, or lean into a category that feels like an opportunity that fits your needs.

Any habit that has the red REMOVE button on it is already part of your habit. You can remove existing habits here or add new ones.

Note that all habits have an Individual Contributor Habits section and a Leadership Habits section, be sure to choose accordingly.

Please read through the habit description before choosing and please ensure that you are not picking habits that are similar to each other. We highly recommend asking your manager to do this with you. In fact, check with your company if they require manager input.

You should have anywhere between 4-7 habits. Please note, and this is important, do not change habits too frequently. It can take up to 4 months to gather feedback on a habit. Once habits are selected, allow time to collect meaningful feedback. Once habits are selected, collapse the category. The top right of the habit picker will show you a quick summary of the habits you are getting feedback on. Save and submit the changes you have made.

If you’ve added new habits, the next screen gives you the option to add feedback providers directly to the specific habits you’ve selected. If you’ve been using Rhabit for a while, everyone that is in your feedback circle will be listed here. Select people from your feedback circle by clicking the green + sign on their card, or add someone new by selecting the Add Someone New card. You should select at least 5 feedback providers but 3 will be sufficient. Click Save and Continue to complete the process.

We’re always available via the support chat if you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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