Managing your habits

Check out the short explainer video below to learn how to use Rhabit’s habit picker. Have you ever wanted to change the habits you are getting feedback on in Rhabit? Well, now you can. Rhabit’s habit picker is here to guide you to picking the most relevant and meaningful habits to get feedback on. You’ll … Read more Managing your habits


Beyond giving feedback through Rhabit, you can offer suggestions to your company too. These suggestions can be in regards to things like the new coffee maker in the kitchen. You can also make your company aware of things that you believe are currently going wrong. The Send a Suggestion button lives in the What’s Happening … Read more Suggestions

High Fives

The High Five feature in Rhabit is a quick and easy way to publicly or privately say thank you or good job to a coworker. Check out this video to learn more. Upon entering your dashboard, you will notice the area that tells you what’s happening at your company. Here you will see announcements and … Read more High Fives

Share your dashboard

Sharing your Dashboard is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Imagine you are collaborating on development with someone from a different department. Maybe you are getting some coaching outside of the workplace. Or maybe you are just excited to share what you have been working on with your mom. Whatever the case may be, we’ve … Read more Share your dashboard

I made a mistake. How can I change my feedback?

Changing feedback is very easy. Located in the top right corner of the screen is the option Edit Recent Feedback. On the following screen, you can select the behavior for which you gave feedback and change your selection. You can change feedback within 48 hours of giving it.