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The High Five feature in Rhabit is a quick and easy way to publicly or privately say thank you or good job to a coworker. Check out this video to learn more.

Upon entering your dashboard, you will notice the area that tells you what’s happening at your company. Here you will see announcements and high fives.

To send a high five, simply click Send High-five, fill in all required fields, select the box if you would like to make it private, and submit.

Note that High Fives default to public. They will only be private if you check the box that reads Make high five private. A private High Five will only be shown to the person you selected. It will not show up in everybody’s High Five Feed.

Once you are back in your dashboard, you will see the High Five you’ve sent in the What’s Happening box. You will also have the option to delete that High Five from there as well if needed.

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