Are my responses really anonymous?

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Are my responses really anonymous?

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We guarantee that your responses will never be disclosed to your company. You have the word of the founders of Rhabit. Alexander and Kevin (hi, we’re the humans behind the software!) vow that this information will never be disclosed. We aggregate your responses and combine them with the feedback of others, but we will never share what feedback you specifically provided to another person.

Sometimes Rhabit users are worried that a person can figure out what kind of feedback you’ve provided. We can assure you that this is not possible. A feedback recipient needs to have at least three feedback providers. Otherwise, this person never sees a feedback result at all. Also, keep in mind that this person does not know who received what kind of behavior to provide feedback on. In addition, the feedback recipient does not know when you actually provided feedback. For example, you received the feedback request on Tuesday, but you did not give feedback until the following Friday.

There is one exception to this; if a feedback recipient receives only negative (0%) feedback. In this case, this person will know that you provided negative feedback, simply because there was only negative feedback. When a person gets negative feedback from many feedback providers across the organization, it is visible to their manager and HR, and they will be aware of it. In other words, you will not be alone in your assessment.

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