How Do I Onboard A New User To Rhabit?

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Please review the following video to learn how to onboard a new employee. Note that you need to have created that employee before which we explain here.

Onboarding a New User

To onboard a new user, go to the Configure menu. Across the top, there are tabs, Onboarding is your last option. Select the Onboarding tab.

Self-Onboarding and Manager Onboarding

There are two basic ways on how to onboard an employee: Self-Onboarding and Manager Onboarding. Self-Onboarding is used when the new user knows who should be in his or her feedback provider network. This onboarding method is used when an entire company or team is being added to Rhabit. Once the initial Rhabit implementation is complete the toggle switch in the top left should be turned off. If you believe that you want to use Self-Onboarding please contact Rhabit, they will be happy to help.

Manager Onboarding is the common method of onboarding. It is used when a new employee is hired. This employee will not know who should be providing feedback and will likely need his/her manager’s input on who to include. Therefore the toggle switch should be turned off and grey for normal onboarding. Note you can always override this on a case-by-case basis when you add a new user.

Onboarding Status

The onboarding tab will also show you the status of those employees that you have created in a previous step (click here to learn how to create a new user in Rhabit).

In our example, the first red X indicates that the user has not completed the Tutorial. The tutorial is automatically activated when a user logs into Rhabit. Once the user completes this step, a green check mark is shown.

The second red X indicates that the Network is not configured. That means the manager has not yet completed the process of assigning feedback providers for this individual. Once this is complete this step is also replaced by a green check mark.

Inviting Users

To invite a new user to Rhabit, click the Invite User button in the top right. Select the employees you would like to invite. This will produce their email address and boilerplate content for you to copy and paste into an email for them. Copy and paste email addresses on content into your email client (Outlook, Gsuite, etc.) and send this invitation from your account. This ensures that the first email certainly arrives in the user’s inbox and is not filtered out by spam filters. You can make changes to the standard content, as long as the link, is included.


This completes the onboarding. Note that the manager of the new employee will be automatically notified by Rhabit and forced to create a feedback provider network. You can monitor in the onboarding tab if employees and their managers are completing this step.