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Rhabit’s dashboard is where all your necessities live. Here you can check notifications, keep up with what’s happening at your company, and of course, get the full scope of your performance. From objectives to high fives, your dashboard is the first step to your improvement.

The Help link takes you directly to our Knowledge Base. You’ve obviously found your way through that if you’re reading this now.

Your carrot count shows you how many carrots you have earned. Though there are no perks to turning in your carrots within the app (yet), check with your company for any contests and rewards they might have.

Your name (in our screenshot Dade Murphy) is home to a menu of a few more functional features. Hovering over your name will open that menu. Here you can Edit Recent Feedback, manage and edit your Account Settings such as a profile photo or how you would like to receive your feedback reminder. You can also replay the tutorial, schedule a vacation, give Rhabit feedback, and log out.

Next there’s Action Items, think of this as your news feed and ‘to do’ list. Using the arrows on the left and right allow you to scroll between your action items, any alerts that you need to know, and daily content. Your Action Items can include accepting objectives and managing your network. You will be able to work through these items from this section.

You will only see the objectives section if your company uses the objectives feature in Rhabit. Here you will easily see how many objectives you are working on, a summary of your ratings on your objectives, and the objectives ending the soonest. Clicking directly on the name of the objective will take you to a deeper dive of that particular one.

Finally, the home to your habits. Here, you find your habits along with your habit scores. Clicking on each habit takes you to a deeper dive of that habit, breaking it down by behavior. You will also notice a caret associated with each score. This is your weekly score change. For more information on that, click here.

What’s Happening at your company shows you all public high fives throughout your company. This is simply a fun way to keep up with who’s doing well. You also have the option to send a suggestion. Click here to learn more about Suggestions.

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