Specific Feedback

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The specific feedback feature in Rhabit allows for users to request open-ended feedback from their feedback circle.

Select the habit you would like to receive more feedback on. Click on the habit in your dashboard to get to the deep dive.

In your habit deep dive

On the right-hand side, select Specific Feedback, then press the Get More Feedback button.

You will then be prompted through the process…

You will select a behavior to focus on. This will be the behavior you are trying to improve or want to learn more about.

And that’s it! Sit back and wait for a notification telling you that you have received specific feedback. Your feedback will live in the Specific Feedback section of your habit deep dive.

How to give Specific feedback

Giving specific feedback…

…starts with someone requesting it from you. A card will appear in your feedback deck asking you if you would like to give feedback to the person requesting it. You do have the option to say no.

Once you have confirmed that you will give additional feedback you can give it immediately, or a reminder will show up in your Action Items tile.

Rhabit helps you to give constructive and actionable feedback

Check out our microcourse before giving feedback. This helps you to understand what is important and how to give the most powerful feedback. You will also see all behaviors that you are giving feedback on. You are able to opt-out of giving feedback at this point again.

Once you’re done giving feedback, submit your feedback!