Understanding your Team’s Feedback Score

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Rhabit allows you to see what kind of feedback your team is receiving. You will be able to see who in your team is excelling and who may need additional guidance.

This information is located on your team dashboard. There are two segments that will be of particular interest to you.

Team Members View

For each team member, you will be able to see green, yellow, and red dots. Each dot represents a habit. When you hover over these dots you will see which habit this dot represents. It is a quick overview of how your team is doing.

You can also click on each name to see a more detailed view of that individual. On this screen you can see the percentage for each habit score. You can also leave comments on the right which are only visible to you and your HR team. This screen can also be used to manage this persons feedback provider network which we explain in more detail here.

When you hover over any percentage score an even more detailed view will open. Now you can see how this person is doing with respect to the behaviors that make up this habit.

Team Habit View

You can also review your team’s feedback habit by habit. Look on the right side under Team Habit. Here you can see how each team member is doing on a given habit. Hover over each dot to see which team member it represents.