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As an individual contributor, you know Rhabit keeps you up to date on your performance at all times through your feedback scores. With the 1:1 feature, you now know when you’re going to have a 1:1 and can even contribute talking points to it. Start by heading to the 1:1 section in the left-side menu. There you will see all one on ones that are scheduled for you.

Upon opening one, you can see all talking points that your manager has already selected, and you can add more. If there is something you’d like to discuss with your manager, simply press the green button and add any talking points you would like to.

You can also see your habit feedback and all objectives (if your company is using objectives).

At the bottom of the page is a button to review your feedback circle and see all of your high fives.

Now you can be fully prepared and engaged when a 1:1 rolls around!

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