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Earning and losing carrots can be a wild ride. If you want to know how your carrot count is calculated, well look no further. We’re here to tell you…

Carrots are earned by giving feedback on habits and engagement cards. You earn one carrot for every card you complete. You can also earn carrots through the achievements found in the leaderboard. There are all time achievements (Achievements) that can only be earned one time, and there are quarterly achievements that can be earned again and again. Learn more about these achievements below.

Use the labels on top to toggle between the two categories. The label that is in grey is the one you are looking at.

How can I earn carrots through achievement?

Welcome to the show 🎓

Earn 5 carrots when you complete the tutorial that shows you around your main dashboard. If you happen to skip this tutorial on your first time logging into Rhabit, simply go to the upper right hand of your dashboard, click your name, and select Tutorial to walk through it again.

Show ‘em some love 🤚

This badge earns you 5 carrots when you send your first high-five to someone you work with. After the first one, you won’t earn any additional carrots for high-fives.

Make it your own 😎

Earn a whopping 10 carrots just for adding your photo to your account. We love to see your faces!

Text me when you’re on the way 📱

Verifying your phone number in Rhabit earns you 10 carrots. If you did not do this upon entering Rhabit and would like to, simply go to the upper right corner, click your name, select Account Settings, go to Feedback Notifications, and enable text message notifications.

We’ve heard all the jokes about swiping you can imagine 🐣

After your first complete deck of feedback cards have been completed, you will get 10 carrots.

Dive right in 🏊‍♂️

As soon as you have an unlocked habit, you’ll earn 10 carrots for simply exploring your habit deep dive.

I get by with a little help from my friends 📫

To earn 20 carrots, simply ask for Specific feedback.

You’ve got a streak going! 🏃‍♂️

If you don’t miss a card for 3 weeks, we reward you with 10 carrots. Note that Rhabit will award these carrots after the end of the 3rd week. That is when Rhabit knows that you completed the streak.

It’s a super streak, super streak, it’s super streaky now! 🔥

After 12 weeks of feedback without missing any cards, we’ll reward you with 50 carrots! Participation is the key to our carrots.

What are the quarterly achievements?

Gimme Five! 🤚

Give 2 high fives on on the first month of the quarter to earn 10 carrots.

Up top! 🙌

Give 2 high fives to anyone on the second month of the quarter to earn 10 carrots.

*counts on fingers* – I think that’s thirty 🙏

Give 2 high fives to anyone on the third month of the quarter to earn 10 carrots.

Lookin’ good 😎

Click on ‘Manage Feedback Circle’ in home page and check our feedback circle to earn 10 carrots.

Let’s dig in 🔎

Earn 10 carrots by clicking on any locked/unlocked habit and check out its content.

Take another look 🧐

Click on any locked/unlocked habit in the second month of the quarter and check out its content for 10 carrots.

Staying on top of it 👑

In the third month of the quarter, click on any locked/unlocked habit and check out its content and earn 10 carrots.

That’s a good idea 💡

Click on ‘Send Suggestion’ (if your company uses this feature) on your main dashboard and send a suggestion to company to earn 10 carrots.

Perfection 🤩

Give feedback every week in the quarter without missing any feedback for a whopping 25 carrots!

I’ve got some ideas that might help 🗣

Give feedback on an additional feedback request for 10 carrots.

Oh that’s where that is 🤚

Check out Account Settings page from the User Menu drop down for 10 carrots.

Keep it fresh 💁‍♂️

Update your profile picture in Rhabit and earn 10 carrots.

Sorry phone slipped out of my hand 🤳

Edit any recent responses that are available through the User menu and click on ‘Edit recent feedback to earn 10 carrots.

I should take some time off 🏝

Click on ‘Schedule Vacation’ from the User menu and see how you can schedule a vacation to earn 10 carrots.

Neighborhood watch 👀

Switch to your local network feed in the Network feed on the home page to earn 10 carrots.

It’s just for fun, we promise 🏆

Check out the leader board will earn you 10 carrots. Don’t forget, this is just friendly competition, but fun to engage 🙂

I like what I see 👍

Check out what is going on in the What’s Happening section and like a high five that you didn’t send or receive to earn 10 carrots.

Go team! ✍️

Comment on any high five to earn 10 carrots.

The times they are a changin’ 📈

Click on any unlocked/locked habit and check out its content for 10 carrots.

A course of course ⛳️

Click on any microcourse for any habit and check out its content to earn 10 carrots.

Don’t spend it all in one place 🛍

Click on the Carrot Shop in the User menu and check out its content to earn 10 carrots.

You know, these are actually pretty helpful 🤯

Click on any locked/unlocked habit and check out its content for 10 carrots.

(If using Objectives)

Done and done ✅

Complete and review an objective to earn 10 carrots.

(If your organization is using 1:1s)

Check out 1:1s 🤝

Click on any 1:1s and view its content. Can be any that the user has access to. This will earn you 10 carrots!

Straight to the comments 💬

Earn 10 carrots by creating a comment to a talking point in a 1:1

Looks good to me 😁

This achievement will only work if you are a participant of a 1:1. When you acknowledge your first 1:1 you will earn 10 carrots.

How are carrots lost?

Carrots are lost by missing feedback cards. 20 carrots are lost if any feedback cards are not responded to within a week’s time.

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