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Rhabit’s 1:1 feature allows for you, the manager, to select talking points, take notes, and see all the data you need to conduct an impactful one-on-one in one place.

1:1s for managers will be found in the Team section under 1:1.

Upon entering 1:1, you’ll see all 1:1s to complete. These can be assigned to you by your HR leaders and administrators, or you can create your own. If they have been assigned to you, you can see them listed here. To prepare this 1:1, simply click Prepare.

To create your own 1:1, go to the New One-on-One button in the top right. Select the person or people from your team in which you would like to have a 1:1. Label the 1:1, select the date range, then select the data you would like to include. ClickingSchedule will take you directly into preparing this 1:1.

Upon entering the 1:1, you will first choose talking points by selecting the green button, then input the things you’d like to talk about. This can be anything from a specific habit to a win or difficulty had recently.

You will have access to edit talking points, delete them, or making them visible or invisible to your direct report. You will likely want to make a talking point invisible if it is something very sensitive, whether positive or negative.

Below your talking points, you will see all habit and objective data within the specified 1:1 timeframe. This data can be filtered to see the change over time. You are also able to check on your direct report’s network and see any high five histories they have.

Once you’ve completed preparation for your 1:1, you can make this visible to the person you are having the 1:1 with by clicking the green Make Visible button in the upper right corner.

Your direct report is able to see talking points you’ve created (unless you specified otherwise), all data relevant to this time, and even able to add their own talking points.

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