Setting Up Your Feedback Providers

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Setting Up Your Feedback Providers

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People in your feedback circle are those that you work with regularly. Starting a new project or new role can mean you need to add someone new to your feedback circle. This can be done in just a few easy steps.

First, from your main dashboard in the Habits section click on Manage or Manage Feedback Circle, or in the feedback score deeper dive, click the Edit Providers button.

Next, select Add Someone in the top right. Followed by Add someone from your company.

From there, you will simply begin typing the person’s name that you would like to add in the bar that appears. Once their name auto-populates, select them and press OK.

Once the new feedback provider is added, they will have a New tag on their card. Please note, and this is important, adding this person to your circle immediately adds you to their feedback circle. Likely, if they are giving you feedback, you should be providing them with feedback as well.

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