Earning and losing carrots can be a wild ride. If you want to know how your carrot count is calculated, well look no further. We’re here to tell you… Carrots are earned by giving feedback on habits and engagement cards. You earn one carrot for every card you complete. You can also earn carrots through … Read more Carrots

Navigating Your Dashboard

Rhabit’s dashboard is where all your necessities live. Here you can check notifications, keep up with what’s happening at your company, and of course, get the full scope of your performance. From objectives to high fives, your dashboard is the first step to your improvement. The Help link takes you directly to our Knowledge Base. … Read more Navigating Your Dashboard

How many people should give me feedback?

We recommend having 5-8 feedback providers in your feedback network. It is better to have too many than too few. Also, keep in mind you can change your feedback circle at any time.

Who should give me feedback?

We use this simple rule of thumb: If you are working with a person multiple times a week, this individual should be giving you feedback. Do not include people that you simply see and talk to — that is not enough. For example, do not include your receptionist or your cubicle neighbor. Yes, you talk … Read more Who should give me feedback?

How do I give feedback?

Check out this brief explainer video and review the steps below. Once or twice a week you will receive an email from Rhabit. In this email, there is a button labeled Share Feedback. You can click this button on your phone, tablet, or computer. A page in your browser will open and you will see … Read more How do I give feedback?