Specific Feedback

The specific feedback feature in Rhabit allows for users to request open-ended feedback from their feedback circle. Select the habit you would like to receive more feedback on. Click on the habit in your dashboard to get to the deep dive. In your habit deep dive On the right-hand side, select Specific Feedback, then press … Read more Specific Feedback

How to use the 1:1 feature

As an individual contributor, you know Rhabit keeps you up to date on your performance at all times through your feedback scores. With the 1:1 feature, you now know when you’re going to have a 1:1 and can even contribute talking points to it. Start by heading to the 1:1 section in the left-side menu. … Read more How to use the 1:1 feature

Conversation Guide to Asking for Feedback

Take a few moments to move through this course on how to strengthen your communication and feel more comfortable with feedback, asking for help, and leaning into your closest resources, your coworkers.

Habits Weekly Score Change

In the Habits widget, each habit is now shown with a caret above or below it either pointing upward or downward. The carets are showing how your habit feedback is comparing to your feedback in the previous week. Clicking onto each habit will take you to the deeper dive, where you will see the behavior … Read more Habits Weekly Score Change

My score is low. What now?

Okay, getting a low score can be stressful. We’ve gotten low scores ourselves sometimes, so we understand. We believe that knowing when you’re struggling is better than not knowing — in fact, it’s empowering. Learning about your weak spots is how you improve and gain deeper self-insight. Also, understanding what you’re are doing well is … Read more My score is low. What now?