Creating an Objective from the Library

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Creating an objective from the library is very easy. If you have not yet learned how to create an objective from scratch, we recommend reviewing that section of the tutorial first. Start by heading to How To Create an Objective from Scratch.

First press New, then select Import from Library and choose any and all of the objectives you would like to import. Note, you can import more than one objective at a time. Simply check the checkboxes for the objectives that you would like to import.

Once the objectives are imported, you will simply step through the standard process that we explained in detail in the section Creating Objectives from Scratch.

You will select a start and end date, and assign the objective to any related objectives by pressing Add To…. To learn more about Related Objectives click here.

Confirm that the Key Results are correct, then continue to add an owner and any stakeholders. Once you’ve added and approved all necessary information, simply review and create.

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