Creating Groups

Groups are used when people from different teams are working under the same manager or multiple managers, for example, a Center of Excellence. This can be temporary or permanent. It allows for a direct report’s habit data to be viewed by not only their team manager but also the group manager or managers. Engagement data … Read more Creating Groups

Quick Poll

Like engagement cards, you can now add a quick poll card to the deck to get answers and feedback that you need on a specific topic, from a specific group of people within your company. A Quick Poll can only be created by an admin. To do so, go to the Admin Dashboard and scroll … Read more Quick Poll

How do I create and manage Teams

The Teams section will display all teams in your company, showing the team name, manager, and all members of the team. Here, you can click directly on the team name, leader name or team member for a deeper dive. Clicking directly on a team member or leader will take you to their stats, where you … Read more How do I create and manage Teams

How can I create a new employee?

To create a new employee in Rhabit, start in Configure and select the Users tab. Here you will click Add User. Fill out all the required information about that employee. User Level will be a User for anyone who does not have any direct reports. The User Level will be Manager is they are responsible … Read more How can I create a new employee?