How can I create a new employee?

To create a new employee in Rhabit, start in Configure and select the Users tab. Here you will click Add User. Fill out all the required information about that employee. User Level will be a User for anyone who does not have any direct reports. The User Level will be Manager is they are responsible … Read more How can I create a new employee?

Where can I Find Out who is not responding to feedback questions?

You can find the response rates of each of your team members in the Team Dashboard. In the Team Members box, you will see a Response Rate percentage that will tell you how that user is responding. Note that Rhabit will not reveal the responses of individual employees.

How Do I review my Teams Feedback Networks?

Ensuring your team has a healthy feedback network is part of the manger’s responsibility. In just a few short clicks, you can review each user’s network. Start here. You will also be responsible for approving or rejecting network changes. For a step-by-step guide to that, click here.